Celebrate Black History Month with the Ultimate Black History Trivia Book

Gather your friends and family for game night, get Curtis Claytor’s Ultimate Black History Trivia Book and have some fun seeing who knows the most about Black folks in America.

Curtis Claytor has 2000 multiple choice questions and answers in four categories: Music, Sports, History, and Television/Arts/Literature — more than enough to keep trivia fans of all backgrounds engaged for days.

Most of us learn in school about Martin Luther King, Jr., Harriet Tubman, and George Washington Carver. But who was the woman who refused to sit in the Jim Crow section of a train in 1883?

What is the name of the Black man who invented the gas mask and the three-signal stoplight?

And on a wholly lighter-but-essential note: What did rap artist-now-actor LL Cool J say he couldn’t live without in one of his very first hip hop hits?

Good game night fare aside, Ultimate Black History Trivia Book enlightens readers and players about inventors and heroes whom history would do well to extol more often. Within some more somber sections of the book, we learn about seriously horrific acts racially-driven violence that is seldom mentioned in history books: the race riot that resulted in the murder of over 200 blacks and the destruction of more than eleven hundred black businesses and homes; and events surrounding the black youth who ventured into the “white section” of a lake drowned after angry whites pelted him with rocks.

Pick up Curtis Claytor’s Ultimate Black History Trivia Book here on Amazon and dig in for Black History Month this February and every month.

Post sponsored by the Ultimate Black History Trivia Book.


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