Schooled: Star Tim Meadows on Principal John Glascott’s leap from The Goldbergs

Emmy-nominated actor Tim Meadows (The Goldbergs, Mean Girls, Grown Ups, SNL) stars in SCHOOLED alongside AJ Michalka (The Goldbergs).

Set in the 1990s at the same William Penn Academy formerly attended by ‘The Goldbergs,’ SCHOOLED follows Head of School John Glascott as he leads a faculty of teachers with wildly different views on how to mentor students — and his tough-as-nails sister, Lucy, who joined his staff to enroll her teenage daughters Felicia and Gigi as new students. Glascott’s nurturing and communicative approach to caring for children is particularly at odds with coach Mellor’s tough-guy belief that physical competition brings out the best in students.

One of the longest-running cast members in the 41-year history of Saturday Night Live, versatile comedian Tim Meadows crafted some of the series’ most memorable characters during his 10 years on the popular late-night show. Such characters included Leon Phelps , The Ladies’ Man and Lionel Osbourne, host of the fictional public affairs show, Perspectives; as well as uncanny impressions of OJ Simpson, Ike Turner and Sammy Davis Jr. The Detroit native is also an alum of legendary comedy troupe Second City. During his three years at Second City, he wrote and starred in productions of The Gods Must Be Lazy with Chris Farley, among other memorable productions before storied producer Lorne Michaels asked him to join SNL as a featured player. Nominated for an Emmy® as part of the show’s writing team that same month, he later made the transition to cast member status and continues to star in scores of movies and series.


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