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Da Jammies
‘5 Kids 1 Dream 2 B Famous!’

Created By: Aulsondro ‘Novelist’ Hamilton and William “Dolla’ Chapman II Starring:
William ‘Dolla’ Chapman II – Dolla
Aulsondro ‘Novelist’ Hamilton – Novelist
Danielle Nicolet – La La
Alisa Reyes – MoMo

Da Jammies Combining hip-hop dance, music and fashion in a way never before seen in animation, Da Jammies follows six diverse ‘tweens from the suburbs attending a performing arts middle school, who form a group in hopes of making it to the ‘big time.’ With support from their genius friend Einny, Da Jammies — Novelist, Dolla, MoMo, Seven and Lala — study singing, dancing and music to prepare for a run at superstardom, learning big life lessons along the way. Together they learn that the road to success, while a bumpy one, can still be navigated with hard work, dedication and most of all belief in oneself.

On NETFLIX – https://www.netflix.com/title/80067487

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